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Download free, exotic, unique, useful, and inspiring musical tools which are unlike any you have seen on the net. These Reaktor ensembles will turn your computer into a powerful engine of creativity. What's Reaktor?

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Click to enlarge VoxHumana control panel VoxHumana is a 3-formant simulation of the human voice, done without samples. It synthesizes various vowel sounds, and lets you morph them in ways you can't do with samples. You can adjust the age and sex of the speaker, jump randomly from one vowel to another, add adjustable breath and growl, even say some simple words ("yeah"). Includes very flexible modulation options, and dozens of cool presets. This is the product of my extensive studies of speech acoustics, and it's not just a toy. The choir presets are downright sweet, and the children's choir is something out of the ordinary. Listen to the preview. New feature: select vowels from many lands, including USA, UK, France, Slovenia, Korea, and more. $16.95

"I'm having lots of fun with Vox Humana. It's like a greatly expanded Delay Lama. Excellent work."
- Guy Sigsworth, producer/keyboards/writer for Bjork, Madonna, Britney Spears, etc.

"I'm doing an article for Electronic Musician on voice synthesis and would like to point users to your very cool Ensemble"
- Len Sasso, Electronic Musician Magazine "Voices from the Machine"

"I thought it was fantastic... it sounded wonderfully synthetic, an aboration -a mockery of humanity in a little virtual package - and well, I really approve of that!"
- Kev Hopper SAURUS:

"WhadooI think? Ex-ce-llent, Joe! I especially like the burbbly patch, perfect for some f*cked up tracks. Really nice work."
- Ned Bouhalassa, film/tv score producer NedFX

"There are several ensembles that attempt to mimic vowel sounds and other aspects of the human voice ... but none quite match the grand daddy of them all, Voxhumana. With its 'sex, age and tune' controls it produces clean, plasticy, synthetic chords and bubbly arpeggiated vocal textures, the perfect accompaniment to a vocoder, perhaps? Admired for its blatant artifice."
- spoombung, NI Forum

Control panel - click to enlarge FizzPluck is a physical model of plucked-string instruments. It includes remarkably realistic models of SITAR, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, and pizzicato orchestral strings. The knob-heavy panel lets you tweak the sounds to fit your music perfectly, or invent your own sounds. Listen to the FizzPluck preview and SITAR PREVIEW, and notice how the notes all seem to come from a real instrument and blend together better than samples. The preview features distorted electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fast balalaika, in that order. Hear how the distorted guitar chords have substance that you can't get by combining separate "distorted guitar" sampled notes. When you play these models, you can create emotion and subtlety because the model responds realistically to velocity by simulating a faster-moving pick. NEW: Bonus ensemble FizzPluck4g, included with your order, includes DelayMulti and CreamVerb, for complex delay/filter/reverb textures. Listen to the FizzPluck4g preview. $14.95

"i am loving fizzpluck ! right now i am trying to get a speed metal / thrash type sound. i love the 'double' feature! ... please keep up the good work :) and let me know if any updates / new ens."
- Josh Vega, 'APHELEON' BASSFACE Records

"...very nice!"
- David Coffin

FreqShift control panel FreqShift is a precision multi-band frequency shifter. It can be used for anything from natural-sounding vocal harmonizing, to adding a clean metallic tone to instruments, to wild and bizarre frequency inversions. In real time, you can do Darth Vader or chipmunk or robotic vocal effects. FreqShift is capable of a broader frequency response, less distortion, and less aliasing than conventional frequency shifters. Listen to vocal and guitar demonstrations. $14.95

"i am getting the most eeeeeeeeevil sounds of freqshifter ! love it! please keep em coming :)"
- Josh Vega, 'APHELEON' BASSFACE Records

I love the frequency shifter and have made great use of it in my work in film/tv scoring.
-Dan Alvarez, Musaic Commercials, Films, Television, Records

DynamicSculptor control panel DynamicSculptor is a macro which operates on the dynamics of a sound. Unlike the familiar compressor (or expander), DynamicSculptor is meant to modify the attack and decay of individual notes/hits. For example, you can emphasize or remove the attack, and you can stretch or shorten the decay time of a note. Now you can be a "transient designer". The preview starts with un-effected guitar notes (from FizzPluck). Next you hear the same notes with enhanced attack, then removed (smoothed) attack, and stretched decay. $14.95

Stereoizer control panel Stereoizer (free) is a macro which applies a variety of stereo effects. Stereo effects can ping-pong the sound to two positions or multiple positions, or even produce a continuous swirling curtain of sound. Pan effects are synced to an optional LFO input and/or synced note-by-note. You can enable Haas effect enhancement, which uses precise delays to define the stereo position much more clearly than a standard volume pan. You can also use Stereoizer as a very high quality fixed position pan. Free

StadiumChorus control panel StadiumChorus is a chorus effect on steroids. Make your voice sound like 2, 10, 100, 1,000, or even 100,000 people. You will think you are GOD. This effect is a psychoacoustic breakthrough, and is the product of years of research. As far as I know it's the only one of its kind. Listen to the StadiumChorus preview. The preview features a plain vocal sample, followed by a stadium preset, then several "small group" presets, and finishes with an extreme one. $14.95

Chebychev brick wall spectrum Chebychev (free) is a classic "brick wall" lowpass filter. It has a ruler-flat response to the cutoff frequency, then a super sharp dropoff to nearly nil. It's useful for eliminating undesired signals very close to the desired signal in frequency, while introducing minimal coloration. Typical applications are anti-aliasing and frequency shifting. Can also be used as an effect, dramatically chopping the harmonics from a signal one by one, as it sweeps. You can switch in 2 to 12 poles, and adjust the ripple-to-sharpness tradeoff. Free

"if you have not already, you should really check out the very nice (and free) scientific filter named chebychev by joe orgren."
- kim (keem), NI Forum

Click to enlarge Power-B control panel Power-B is an enhanced tonewheel organ with some major improvements: independent percussion switch for each drawbar, adjustable key click, reverb, and more. Listen to the preview. Free

ShepardFilter control panel ShepardFilter is similar to a phaser or flanger, but is always ascending in tone, or always descending, rather than going up and down. At the same time, you can apply a variety of stereo effects synced to the sweep. Stereo effects can ping-pong the sound, or even produce a continuous swirling curtain of sound. Listen to the ShepardFilter preview. First you hear the straight un-effected sample, then a continuous downward sweep, combined with curtain panning. $14.95

ParEQ control panel ParEQ (free) is a 5 band full parametric equalizer, with low and high shelf controls. It's very handy for tweaking the sound of your ensembles or instruments to blend into your mix. Free

SuperPan2 control panel SuperPan is a physically modelled 2D automated pan tool. Feed your own sound through it, and create effects such as a sound orbiting your head in circles, or flying in through the back of your head, out the front, and off into the distance. So realistic, you can even hear the doppler effect at high speeds. Uses CreamVerb as part of the distance simulation. Listen to the preview with headphones for the most dramatic effect, but SuperPan works well on speakers too. This effect does not require a surround system; it fools the ear with sophisticated binaural tricks. $14.95

"SuperPan is fairly immersive and depending on the source can indeed create the illusion of 3d placement..."
- 'sleen', SonikMatter Full review and musical example

"check out Joe Orgren's SuperPan"
- sw004g NI Forum

CreamVerb2 control panel CreamVerb is an incredibly smooth reverb, usable over an extremely wide range of decay times, without going metallic or producing discrete echos or frequency humps. Listen to the preview. Includes both full stereo and CPU saving semi-stereo versions. $14.95

Shortwave control panel Shortwave simulates the distortions heard on old-time shortwave radio broadcasts, or old-time vinyl/shellac/victrola recordings. Includes sidebands, Morse crosstalk, crackle, poor frequency response, and waveform distortion. Listen to the ShortWave preview, featuring the straight sample, then settings for 33-1/3 rpm vinyl, 24 fps movie, and shortwave radio. Many variations are possible, with more extreme settings, milder settings, or combinations of different degradations. Free

"i like shortwave very much, ive been using it for a while, thanks!"
- 'cbit', Netherlands em411 page

"some really nice stuff"
- 'yghartsyrt', Germany

TapeDeck (free) is a utility macro I often add to ensembles to record their output to a file. It includes an input level control. Wire it between the output of the ensemble's last instrument, and the Reaktor Output block, and omit the level control at the output block. In this arrangement, Reaktor's toolbar level meters will show you whether your record level is good. Free

You can get the entire introductory collection here, in .ZIP format. This collection contains numerous useful macros, including an N-band vocoder (change polyphony to control how many bands), a soft-knee limiter, and various counters, multiplexers, and demultiplexers (event and voice). Free

For my friends at Reaktor-list: Automaton4b. A sequencer I'm building. It includes the Poly->Mono->Poly multiplexer and demultiplexer macros.Free

ATTENTION: watch this space for even more amazing Reaktor ensembles and Soundfonts!
NEW: Two Soundfonts:
  • Space2.SF2 - A collection of vocal clips, sounds from the pad, and various processed sounds from a Shuttle mission to repair the Hubble telescope. Preview
  • Chimes3.SF2 - Metal, wooden, and bamboo chimes carefully recorded, processed, and tuned to several pentatonic scales. Preview

The echo reflected from the stairs of the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza. The stairs are designed to produce an echo which sounds like the call of a Quetzal bird.

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