by Joe Orgren

"Out of the Pod" Sonic somnambulance.

"TanpuraHeavy" A belly dance.

"Wendy" For my patient and wonderful wife.

Iceland The intense energy and frosty, slightly oriental feel of this song has made this one a real crowd pleaser. It carries me to the glaciers, rocks, and craggy volcanoes of Iceland... perhaps to encounter a certain elf...

Capitol Punishment Throbbing, pounding urban technowith a catchy melody.

Extrasolar Extrasolar has a moody, mysterious sound, intertwined with delicate strings. This was inspired by the various recent discoveries of extrasolar planets. We now know, there are other places where life might possibly be.

Miracle Girl Heavy duty techno, featuring a nasty distorted lead and wildly sweeping drums. Loud and scary!

Wilfrid's Walk An ever-morphing stroll, featuring an airy lead line and throbbing squishy bass line, with plenty of sonic crunchies to chew on. Melodic and intriguing.

Kasey As delicate and tasty as a strawberry souffle. The sweet and light sound of this song was inspired by its namesake, the beautiful and talented Kasey Rogers, best known as "Louise Tate" (Larry Tate's wife) from the 1960's "Bewitched" TV series. I was lucky enough to deliver the song to her in person.

Europa The eerie, fluid sounds of this song will take you on a journey under the ice covered seas of a distant world. Jupiter's moon Europa may have a liquid ocean under miles of ice, and could well be the first place outside of Earth where we find life. The song is meant to sound like the sonar of a submarine in the Europan sea. This is followed by various liquid sounds of the local lifeforms reacting to the discovery of an alien machine in their midst.

Great Attractor Strong beat, dark mood, good for dancing or just trancing out. Astronomers have discovered that a gigantic sector of the universe (us included) is being sucked into a vast black hole. One day our atoms will disappear into a singularity of infinite nothingness. Naturally, this cheerful thought started me humming a tune...

Cloud 9 A curious mix of Minimoog-ish retro and beat-heavy modern.

Savannah A bouncy, catchy dance tune with a strong beat, African in feel, inspired by a sound in a 1985 Korg Poly 800 II.

Score Ambitious and densely textured, this monster sweeps from sinister soundtrack to perky sequenced dance tune to relaxing ambient dream. It's a nice blend of organic and electronic sounds. There's more story here than in most Hollywood movies.

WooWoo A brief nightmare after your ambient dream.

Dark Base An outpost in the farthest reaches of your unconscious. Bass: Thomas Orgren Guitar: Brian Hicks.

9/10/01, Northern Virginia For Wendy...

Oklahoma Suite

A long distance collaboration

This suite is a celebration of the diverse and wonderful skills of my nieces and nephew.
"Bravado" features the powerful sound of Evan's trombone, along with his high school marching band. It's intense and bombastic, in homage to Evan's muscular style.
"Hemisphere" is based on a haunting guitar riff composed by Kris. The complex emotions in this piece reflect the unique personality and creative explorations of the guitarist.
"Power Tap" delights in Lindsey's quick, graceful and precise tap dancing. It's an attempt to capture the breathless joy she finds through the freedom of dance. The unique rhythm here can only come from a tap dancer.
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